5 Types of Car Seats That Worth Buying

We can categories baby car seat into four types. Let’s dive into these following types:

Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat is the first car seat for any child. It can only be used in the rear position. This little seat can accommodate a kid from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches in height. As the height increases more than the weight, so the baby enjoys this seat for a short time. Different models have different weight and height limits. Protection features may also vary from brand to brand. Keep your budget from $70 to $300, if you wish to get a baby seat .

Convertible Car Seat

After outgrowing a baby car seat, a convertible car seat is the next one. They can be positioned forward as well as rare faced. Both of these positions have different weight limitations. You can use it for a kid weighing 4 to 40 pounds in the rare facing. While in forward-facing the weight limit is up to 60 pounds. A child less than 2 years should always use this car seat in the rear position. Convertible seats can cost from $50 to $500 based on features.

Booster Car Seat

If your child cannot fit in the convertible seat, now it’s time to move to a booster seat. This seat uses the car’s belt. Two styles are available in this car seat. First is high-back and the second is back-less. The backless style is portable, light weighted and easy to maneuver. But the high-back is the safest one. A child from 5 to 12 years can travel in a booster seat. Keep your budget from $20 to $300 if you want this child seat.

All-in-1 Car Seat

This is the most efficient car seat. Kids of all ages can enjoy their ride in it. If you want a car seat which grows with your precious one, then the All-in-one is best suits you. It can take care of its tiny passenger from newborn to a school going one. You can use it both forward and backward facing. This type of car seat is massive and big in size. But as you know nothing is perfect. So this car seat has positive as well as negative points. For this car seat, you will need $150 to $500.

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