How To Install and Use the Car Seat

Before using anything, it is good to read all the information. The information described in the user manual and other mediums. If you still don’t understand then watch videos. Almost every brand has a guided video about installation. Without knowing the proper method for installation, you may risk your kid’s life. According to NHTSA from every 4 car seat, 3 are installed in the wrong way.

  • You can install a car seat by latch system or by using a located belt path. Both are safe methods.
  • As every car has built-in latch anchors. Your car seat may have hook style, push-on or may be rigid anchor latch.
  • These can fits well in the car latch anchors. You may only use this method if the combined weight of the child and car seat is below 65 pounds.
  • After that, you can set up the car seat by the vehicle seat belt.
  • When you properly install the base along with the car seat, put your kid in the car seat.
  • Put the harness straps on the kid’s shoulder and buckle up.
  • Close the chest clip. Now tight the harness from the bottom button. Do the pinch test to ensure the correct harness tightness. Now your little one is ready to ride.

Your kids are the most precious treasure as compare to anything else. Why people buy a car seat? Well, because they want to protect their precious ones. A toddle can also feel coziness in the mother’s lap, but what happens in case of a sudden wobble. Your little one will not be secure anymore. We hope that you can understand that a car seat is a necessity. But what if your kid is still unsafe. Then you need certain safety measures.

First of all, read thoroughly about the setting up procedure. According to NHTSA three among four car seats are installed incorrectly.  Therefore, read the instructions carefully. Then set up the base with your car’s seat. It is better to use a rear seat for that purpose. The rear seat is always safer than the front seat. Use the latch system for small children. For elder ones like the above 3 years, you can use the seat belt along with baby car seat. A lot of bases have certain indicators and bubble portions to ensure the correct installation. Spend some money on the car seats having accurate setting up indicators. As it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do not sacrifice the protection just for a few dollars.

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