8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seats You May Have in Mind

Q: In how many years a car seat may expire?

Ans: The majority of the car seats have expiry dates stamp on them. But some don’t have expiry dates. In that case, check the manufacturing date written on the base. A car seat usually has six to ten years of life.

Q: Can we use our car seat with any stroller?

Ans: No, you cannot use your car seat with every stroller. With the help of an adapter, you can attach the infant car seats to the stroller. Only a few baby car seats do not need an adapter. But they can only be used with one or two mentioned strollers.

Q: Does every car seat has a shock-absorbing functionality in case of an accident?

Ans: Unfortunately, not all infant car seats are created by keeping accidents in mind. A cheap car seat below $100 does not have solid protection. But the majority of famous companies have made their infant car seats fully protected.

Q: Do all car seats need adapters when connecting to a stroller?

Ans: Yes, approximately all the infant car seats need an adapter while using it with a stroller. But there are still few which do not need any adapter. But they are as less as a drop in the ocean.

Q: Can we use one adapter with all strollers for joining the infant car seat?

Ans: No, you cannot use the same adapter. Each stroller has its particular adapters. They may probably go right with your stroller and the car seat. So before purchasing a car seat, check the compatible of the desired baby car seat with your stroller.

Q: Is it safe to put the car seat on the front seat?

Ans: Newborns need a rear-facing baby car seat. A rear car seat is not secure in the car’s front seat. In an unfortunate situation, your precious kid may get hurt. So it’s better to use the car seat on the car’s rare seat for the secure life of your kids.

Q: Does all baby car seats meet federal safety standards?

Ans: The infant car seats rated by NHTSA meet the federal safety standards. NHTSA rated the car seats from none to five stars. These stars are awarded by measuring different aspects like safety, easy installation, labeled instructions are more.

Q: Is booster seat better than an ordinary car’s seat belt?

Ans: Yes definitely. Car seat belts are for adults not for children. Improper fitting of the seat belt may cause neck and other injuries. So to protect your precious one use booster seats for a kid of eight to twelve years old.

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