10 Best Infant Car Seats

Looking for best infant car seat for your child? See our collection of car seats available to buy in 2020. Being a parent for the first time is like an ecstatic feeling. The mother tries head over heels to keep the child safe. Do you have an adventure family that goes crazy for trips? A road trip with a little one is exactly exhausting and nerve-racking. In such a condition you definitely need a car seat for your infant. If your health needs some wealth, then spend money rather than risking health.

A car seat is the most valuable investment you can make for your adorable child. Infants will stay happy and comfy in his dream seat. Without having to worry about the kid, you, on the other hand, can also focus on your drive. Select the right one for your child by reading out common types of car seats. Numerous fantastic technologies will let you know all about your child. Whether he is feeling hot or cold. When your naughty baby tries to escape by opening the straps, the app will notify you.

So the most important thing is protection, protection, and ultimate protection. Now let’s define what exactly a baby seat means. It is a special seat made for a child from newborn to school going. The car seat is designed to be used with a vehicle seat to secure the infant during a ride. The structure is enough to save child in case of any crash. They provide exceptionally convenient to both the child and the parent. So, buy your desired car seat for infant and get ready to have a city adventure.

UPDATED: January 10, 2020.

Before using anything, it is good to read all the information. The information described in the user manual and other mediums. If you still don’t understand then watch videos. Almost every brand has a guided video about installation. Without knowing the proper method for installation, you may risk your kid’s life. According to NHTSA, among every 4 car seats, 3 are installed in the wrong way. You can install it by latch system or by using a located belt path. Both are safe methods. As every vehicle has built-in latch anchors. Your vehicle seat may have hook style, push-on or may be rigid anchor latch. These can fits well in the car latch anchors.

infant car seat

You may only use this method if the combined weight of the child and car seat is below 65 pounds. After that, you can set up the seat by the vehicle seat belt. When you properly install the base along with the car seat, put your kid inside it. Put the harness straps on the kid’s shoulder and buckle up. Close the chest clip. Now tight the harness from the bottom button. Do the pinch test to ensure the correct harness tightness. Now your little one is ready to ride. Also read the answers to frequently asked questions about car seats that you may have in mind,

Infant Car Seat: CYBEX Sirona M

The Top Picks

The Cybex Sirona M is #1 in the list due to the smart sensor technology, safety system, lightweight body along very comportable seat. It’s a perfect package to pick for your child without a single doubt.

Uppababy Mesa managed the 2nd position as it is top alternate and a true rival with a balance of features without compromising safety within affordable price range.

Chicco Keyfit 30 appears # is 3rd in list due to the cheap price tag along reliable safety, perfect adjustment, easy to carry and trust of thousands of customers.

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Best Infant Car Seats Review (Updated List)

1. Cybex Sirona Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: CYBEX Sirona
CYBEX Car Seat
CYBEX Sirona

Do you have a naughty kid who unbuckles himself easily? Or in a hassle, you often forget your kid in the car? Sounds alarming. A kid’s safety is the top priority for any parent. Fortunately, Cybex Sirona M Infant Car Seat has a built-in sensor system to ensure your little one’s protection. Cyber is a multiple award-winning company. It is brilliant with a lot of built-in technologies. It can effortlessly accommodate from a newborn to approximately 4 years old kid in luxury. Available in three unique colors. It is perfect for road trips and daily life usage.

Every product has some negative points along with numerous positive points. In some cases the defects are unneglectable. As for this car seat, the child has access to the Styrofoam. They may inhale or swallow them. But when it comes to the advantages, it has countless. It provides alerts when some unsafe situation arises. If you leave your kid in a hot car, the app will give a warning. After two minutes of silence from you, it will send alerts to emergency contacts. The best reason to buy it is its protection through sensors.

Wide Capacity

To accommodate your growing kid, Cybex is the best one. You can use it for newborn to 65 lbs. Even if your little one reaches 49 inches, he can still enjoy comfy drive.

Safety Harness

The five-point harness chest clip will protect alerts on the baby’s wellbeing. LSP protection shields its tiny riders in a sudden collision. The 12 adjustable headrest positions, will protect your newborn to a growing child.

Backrest Recliner

Enjoy ten backrest reclining positions. Just with one hand, you can set the desired position. The reclining positions can be applied on both forward and rare facing installation.

Sensor Technology

The unique sensor technology will keep an eye on its naughty rider. If any unsafe situation happens you will get a notification through the app. If the inside temperature is too hot or cold, you will receive a notification. If you left your baby in the vehicle or he unbuckles himself, you will be informed.

2. Bob Gear 3 Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Bob Gear 3
Bob Gear Car Seat
Bob Gear 3

Your little one cannot endure injuries. For the extra protection, you will certainly need a shock absorber car seat. Bob Gear 35 Infant Car Seat is what you desperately need. It has a shock-absorbing foam to shield your precious baby. Bob Gear is designed to give your kids a secure and comfortable cruising. It is designed, created and tested in the USA. Bob seat is available in the lagoon and canyon colors. According to the manufacturers, it has unmatchable safety. Like cell impact protection, and a strong steel frame. Setting up procedure is simple and secure. But as it is a highly criticized product, so we will not recommend it.

More Capacity

Bob gear supports a tiny traveler from 4 to 35 pounds. Its max height for this gorgeous car seat is 32 inches.

Height Harness Setting

At the back of the seat, there is four safety harness. Two buckle harness is there, for growing kids. The headrest pillow does not attach to the seat. So, you can adjust it without any trouble. The comfy head pad provides coziness to the child.

Lightweight Body

Without a base, Bob gear is only 10 pounds in weight. Overall weight is 19 pounds including a base.

Handy Installation

The installation process is simple. You can use both the Latch and seat belts for the base installation. The installation is easy too. Put the car seat on the base, you will hear a click and it’s all done.

Air Travel Approved

Bob Gear’s infant seat is aircraft travel approved. Now your baby can travel within an aircraft in ultimate comfort.

3. Doona Wheeled Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Doona
Doona Car Seat
Doona Car Seat

A car seat with wheels? Is it astounding? Well, we introduce you to the first with integrated wheels. As quickly as it meets the eye, it can magically be converted into a stroller. This integrated travel system is two in one. Press the transformation button, put the wheels down and ready to roll. This Doona Latch Base Infant Car Seat will give its little riders a smooth and relaxed ride. The company wins multiple awards for stupendous products. With super stylish design, charming color collection, one-touch brake, it is the answer to all your baby needs.

The majority of parents are highly satisfied with this baby car seat. It worth every penny. It comes with three-layered protection. The directions on the base provide superior help. Your baby will never wakeup or not even notice. Because the click, click and click will convert it into a stroller within clicks. The European belt path is valuable to use it without a base. The handlebar adjusts to the right height. Though it is pricy, it has numerous attractive features. So, it is highly recommended for all parents.

Infant Insert Settings

Doona is ergonomically designed for newborns to kids up to 32 inches tall. The infant insert works fantastic for newborns. Remove the infant insert when your little one reaches 10lbs.

Easy To Wash

Bamboo fabric is used in the Doona. The fabric is antibacterial, thermal regulating and breathable. For washing, you can simply remove the fabric.

Aeroplane Approved

It makes the air traveling a breeze. Doona is certificated for air travel. Now you can travel everywhere with Doona.

Comes Under Warranty

This astonishing seat provides two years of manufacturer’s warranty. So in case of any emergency, you can utilize the warranty card.

4. Baby Jogger City Go Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Baby Jogger City Go
Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger Car Seat
Baby Jogger City Go

Do you often travel through a taxi or a cab? Installing the car seat with base is such a headache for you? Then relax! We bring you Baby Jogger City Go Infant Car Seat as it has a belt path to install it within a taxi without any base. To properly position your little ones. It has an infant insert for babies weighing under 6 pounds. City Go is specially designed for those on the go parents who are looking for cool features. It is available in three colors. With a stroller and an adapter, you can build your own traveling system.

It has some great ease of use features. There is a taxi easy belt pathway on the back. Using the height adjuster located behind, you can adjust the height of the headrest and harness straps. You have to take the baby in and out a few times to properly adjust the height harness. Few accessories are available but require more money. Overall, it superb to use with a few faults, which can be neglected.

Safety Satisfaction

City go provides brilliant protection from every side. It has a 5-points harness system. The safety features make it easy to be out and about with your baby.

Height Adjuster

The adjuster at the bottom makes it easy to properly position the harness for your baby. So whatever height your child has, this baby car seat will support and love him.

Fantastic Handle

The handle is newly designed. The carrier arm is easy to move to different positions. It also has a rubber grip on the top center so it’s easy to hang on to. For handle positions, there are some touch points on the right side.

Canopy Cover

The seat canopy is much larger than most of sun protection other rivals offer. Which ensures that its little passenger is fully protected.

Base Positions

Thanks to the adjustable base, which has six safety positions. Adjust the positions by turning the bottom rotating lever.

5. Disney Minnie Mouse Comfy Infant Car Seat

Disney Car Seat
Infant Car Seat: Disney Minnie Mouse
Disney Minnie Mouse

Want a pretty Disney styled car seat? A car seat that helps your crying baby to laugh? Impossible? We are very glad to announce about this Disney styled baby car seat. With a Mickey Mouse headrest, your baby is going to love it. Oh, you have a baby girl? No worries. Disney Mickey Mouse Comfy Infant Car Seat comes in cartoon theme. It is super cute and exquisitely adorable. This car seat will be your destiny if you have a budget of $100.

Above all, it is available in two attractive Disney styles. Mickey Mouse for boys and Minnie Mouse for your cute baby girl. It has an affordable price and hence it is the cheapest car seat in my list. With the Latch installation system, your baby will be secure. It has an attractive black and white color combination. It is said that the black and the white color combination is great for infant’s eyesight improvement. The red canopy is gorgeous and foldable. For the child’s comfort, both the headrest and foot cover are removable.

Satisfying Weight Range

A baby weighs from 4 to 20 pounds enjoy all-around comfort. The height limit for this graceful mickey styled infant seat is 29 inches.

Super Lightweight

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse have only 14 pounds of weight. Which means, its super light in weight. It is easy to transport and carry. Metal, polyester, and plastic are used in the manufacturing of this charming seat for your child.

Carrying Handle

The handle is made up of plastic. As the handle can go all the way back. Few buyers criticize the handle. According to them, it is too stiff.

Safety Positions Adjustment

It is a rare facing car seat. With this rare car seat, your child will enjoy a cozy ride. For a safe journey, it has side impact protection and 5-point harness.

6. Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

Car Seat
Infant Car Seat | Uppababy Mesa
UPPABaby Mesa

As a parent, you try to protect your little one in each and every way. As safety is the top most priority for our innocent angels. As newborn babies have such sensitive skin, chemicals may harm their skin. But don’t worry as Uppababy presents you the first non-toxic car seat. The fabric is soft and breathable. Whether the base is properly installed or not, the smart secure system will guide you. This stunning car seat is available in five eye-catching colors. The baby looks comfy in the car seat and ready for an adventure.

Key Features

This Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat is the mother’s favorite. For small infants, it has premium infant insert. It is easy to clean, reliable, and protected with a bundle of attractive features. Now you do not have to worry about any chemicals added to the seat. Because the fabric used in this baby car seat is non-toxic. To ensure the correct installation, the indicators on the top and sides will turn green from red. So this baby car seat is safe and stylish with few downsides.

Side Protection

In case of accidents, Mesa performs much better than other baby car seats. The wings are made from EPP foam. This foam will absorb shock if unfortunately, you get into an accident.

Fiber Wool Seat

This advanced car seat is made from a woven wool fiber material. So it is naturally flame retardant, which is super cool. The fabric used is removable, washable and free from chemicals.

Manual Headrest

Rethread the straps are such a pain. This will not make you trouble by doing this. The adjustable headrest will grow with your little one.  The material used in the headrest is moisture-wicking and breathable.

Secure Installation

This cute thing has an innovative smart and secure installation. Within seconds you can attach the base with the seat. The green light in the indicator ensures a secure installation.

Full Head Canopy

For ample sun protection, Uppababy has a two-panel canopy. The canopy is elegant and enhances the overall look of the car seat

7. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Chicco KeyFit
Chicco KeyFit 30

Do you want a top positively reviewed baby seat? Then welcome Chicco is ready here to serve you. It is a ubiquitous seat. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is the parent favorite. It has an affordable price, friendly ease of use, and admirable safety features. The six adorable color combination is enough for your attraction. Travel in a vehicle on an airplane, Chicco infant car seat is fantastic. Add it to your baby list. You will never regret buying it.

This car seat is loved by various parents. For ultimate protection, Chicco car seat has a five-point harness along with one-pull tightening. It is affordable, appealing and durable. The innovative aspects made this baby car seat the best one. As compared to other products, it also has few drawbacks. If you live in a warm climate, this may not be a good choice for you. The fabric isn’t flush nor breathable. But these few things are negotiable as compare to the whole performance.

Extended Carrying Capacity

It can take your 4 pounds newborn home and can last with you up until 30 pounds. You can happily utilize it until your kid reaches 30 inches tallness.

Mesh Panel

Chicco baby car seat has three-panel canopies. In addition to that, there is also a zipper mesh panel. So that you can keep an eye on your little one while strolling. The mesh panel also improves ventilation.

Multi Color Range

Comes in numerous cool colors. Eucalyptus, Lilla, Nottingham, Orion, Oxford, and Papyrus are the available colors.

Base Installation

Connecting a base might be tricky, but Chicco made it very easy. You can install the base in two ways as per ease. Using the latch system or by using the seat belt. Chicco has marked everything on the base to make installation magically.

Body Supporter

7Chicco has the body support for its tiny travelers. The body support along with headrest will ensure ultimate coziness. Without any difficulty, an infant from 4 to 11 pounds takes a nap in it.

8. Britax B Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Britax B Safe 35
Infant Car Seat: Britax B Safe
Britax Car Seat
Britax B Safe

We have picked Britax Infant Car Seat Base as it is the well-known and respected name among parents. One of the remarkable thing is it regularly receives good remarks from the government agencies that test and review the safety of this product. The designers of this car seat figure out how to make installation of this seat easy. Design of this seat is very attractive, the amazing thing about this car is it creates click sounds when the car seat is securely fitted in the base.

Parents can easily carry this seat along with them because of the big handle on the backside of the carrier. This carrier handle is adjustable. As compare to other brands it has better ratings because it is easy to install. There are several other useful accessories too which adds the durability and usefulness of this infant seat.

Strong Base

Comes along with the base and carrier which are designed to provide both comfort and impact-resistant safety to your child. The base has a center-pull strap and push-button Latch connectors.

Latch Connectors

The purpose of the center-pull straps and Latch connectors is to help you identify if the seat is safe and secure in your car or not. Similarly, the detaching of this car seat is also very easy. You just need to remove the whole seat with a push of a button.

Highly Stable Seat

Britax has energy-absorbing steel base. It reduces the amount of side to side movement that can occur during car ridding. Adjust it according to per requirement. Also comes equipped with an adjustable carrying handle that helps a lot while picking your baby’s seat in 1 hand.

9. Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Safety 1st
Safety 1st Car Seat
Safety 1st
Safety 1st onBoard

Overall Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car Seat is famous for giving child’s safety either you are at home or on the go. Really reliable and top quality built material because it has all the safety features you need for your baby. Safety 1st onboard has amazing side impact protection. Well Cushions of the car seat are not machine washable. You have to do it manually.

Transforming Ability

In case you want to transfer the carrier into a stroller then you can do that by choosing different safety 1st strollers according to your need.

Quick Setup

The installation process is also very easy to memorize because of latch connectors. This infant seat offers you adjustable carry handle.

Extra Room With Comfort

There is plenty of space between the handle and the canopy, therefore you do not have much trouble using the belt. Pick this amazing gift for your child and both you and your baby will enjoy your journey.

10. Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat: Cybex Aton M
Cybex Aton

Its unique tensioning system of this car seat makes installation easy and quick using the Vehicle Belts. As it comes equipped with almost everything you could wish. There are a few things you must consider while purchasing this product. Cybex Aton M Infant Car Seat is best because of its safety features, color choice and price tag. Safety of your child is the main feature of this seat. There is also a three-position handle which helps you in carrying, driving, and resting.The shell and foam of this car seat work amazingly. It absorbs the crash forces and then distributes them away from the child.

Light Weighted Seat

Aton is lightweight and very easy to carry. This infant seat is only 9 pounds weight, which makes it one of the lightest carriers on the market. Another good point is the choice of color as it comes in 8 different colors.

Attaching Indicator

There is a unique indicator which confirms the correct attachment of the carrier to the base. The safety features of this infant car are also outstanding. The Latch installation of is also very easy you just need to push on connector.

Shock Absorbing Mechanism

The height-adjustable load leg absorbs and distributes the energy to the vehicle floor, reducing forces on the child. The whole procedure is defined in detail in a video and user manual.

11. Baby Trend EZ Flex Car Seat

Baby Trend EZ
Infant Car Seat: Baby Trend EZ
Baby Trend Car Seat
Baby Trend Seat

Also another decent option is Baby Trend EZ Flex Car Seat is one of the best product in the market because of its great design, safety and amazing features.

Adjustment Push Button

This baby seat features a five-point safety harness with a one-hand harness adjustment and push-button.

Reliable Protection

Its adjustable base for the proper safety and it can carry a weight up to 30 pounds. It has a delta-shaped handle to carry the baby seat. It also come eqipped with EPS energy-absorbing foam which provides head protection.

Easy To Carry

The weight of this car seat is 2 pounds. This infant seat has an adjustable base for the proper safety Overall rating of the Trend EZ Flex is 4 stars. This amazing product meets the safety standards of the United States.

Infant Car Seat Buying Tips

Hopefully our review help picking the most suitable car seat for infant. We welcome any suggestion and comment so be sure to shae your experience using the contact page.